My name is Martin Watson. We as a company In Rochdale have had Andonne Heating working on our heating system for over 15 years and we are very pleased with the service Andonne and their staff provide.
— Martin Watson | Fothergill Coated Fabrics
We have used Andonne Heating Services for all our heating maintenance since 2014, and they have recently upgraded our old Workshop system by installing new heaters, along with an air circulation arrangement to make it more energy efficient.

Andonne have always operated in a professional but friendly way, and provide a good quality service at a fair price.
— Simon Hunt | Pfeifer Drako
We’ve been using Andonne Heating for over 5 years now, to provide servicing & repairs on our oil-fired cabinet heaters.
We always get a quick response from Andonne’s engineers whenever we have a problem.
We are very pleased with the performance of Andonne Heating and would gladly recommend them.
— Andy Bower FCCA | Company Accountant | Chelburn Precision Limited
For the past eight years Andonne Heating have been providing annual servicing and repairs on our warm air heaters, ambi-rads and oil fired boiler as well as doing the annual pressure tests on our two gas mains.

Andonne engineers always respond quickly to our requests for assistance and conduct themselves in very professional manner,especially when having to conform to our quite strict Health and Safety policies.

We are very happy with the all-round performance of Andonne Heating and would recommend them to anyone.
— John Lee, | Maintenance Manager | British Thornton E.S.F. Ltd