Andonne Heating Services Ltd are specialists in commercial and industrial boilers and warm air heating appliances.

We carry out all maintenance work including annual services, breakdown services and offer a full installation services which include all makes of heaters and Boilers. Full gas lines ranging from copper or iron threaded and welded.

Warm Air Heating


  • Frost protection

  • Protection of stock and materials

  • Heating of both large and small areas in a warehouse, factory, showroom or retail outlets.


  • Efficient in heat distribution (especially when used in conjunction with destratification fans)

  • Low capital outlay and running costs

  • Provides summer ventilation

Heaters can be floor standing or suspended. Heat outputs from 7kw upwards and are available in Gas, LPG and Oil.

Suspended Condensing Heaters Now available 
A high efficiency condensing suspended heaters. These heaters offer the maximum in high efficiency available and are also covered by the government ECA Scheme. Please find full details in the brochure.

Radiant Heating

Ideal applications for radiant heaters are areas of high air change such as:

  • Motor Workshops

  • Loading areas

  • Spot Heating

  • High bay buildings

Control systems
Control systems on existing heaters can be upgraded to the latest digital optimized controllers or a full system can be installed to provide full factory control from one main controller and PC. These modern controllers/systems offer far more accurate control of your heaters and can provide significant savings from the older basic types of controls.

Destratification Fans

Destratification fans can provide you with significant savings by forcing high level heat down to the lower working level. This allows you to run your controllers at a lower set point thus reducing the run time of the heaters.

Office Heating

Generally offices are heated by central heating Boilers feeding radiators. We offer a full service and breakdown on existing systems with the introduction of new high efficiency condensing Boilers. Older inefficient Boilers can be upgraded, which can offer companies savings and also lower their carbon footprint.

The pictures below are a few examples of the different types of heaters: